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App42 [Cloud API]

Our endeavour is to make App developers successful on the Cloud, irrespective of the technology or platform on which they are developing. All our products focus on making App developer’s life easy and augmenting his business. An App’s complete backend will be managed by App42 platform. You will hardly need to write any server side code for your Apps. Now you don’t have to worry about OS installations and patches, security, firewalls, scalability, high availability and server side technical and business logic. You can focus on your UI, UX and plumbing logic and leave the cloud and data management to us. Moving from one access channel i.e. Mobile, Web, Social, SaaS etc. to another will be greatly reduced because of unified approach.

The App42 Cloud APIs consist of a REST based service which has a JSON and XML interface. There are around 20+ modules with over 400+ APIs which will help developers to develop their applications irrespective of the type or domain of the App they are developing. Technical as well as business services are provided by App42 Cloud API. These APIs are platform agnostic and support Windows 7, J2ME, iOS, Android or HTML5 with all popular languages like Java, Groovy, PHP, Ruby, or C# which will enable easy integration of the APIs into the App code. With just a few lines of code, the App developer gets access to the services. From a simple to complex app can be developed using our comprehensive and powerful technical as well as business services. Other Products are:

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