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Click Software [Mobility Studio]

ClickSoftware’s ClickMobile and Mobility Studio for application development comprise a powerful platform for rapid development of mobile business applications. Production-ready, pre-built “Starter Kits,” are easily and rapidly configured to meet the specific business requirements of mobile workforce management. In most cases, full implementation can be accomplished with zero coding. Visual tools enable drag-and-drop creation of forms, fields, workflows, and functionality to cover most business scenarios within the service sector.

Mobility Studio was built by developers for developers, and acts as a visual development platform that bridges the gaps between cutting-edge mobile technologies and line-of-business applications. Mobility Studio acts as the mobile business application layer for the mobile enterprise implementer, hiding the technical complexities of code and enabling assembly of mobile applications in a business-oriented manner. This enables even business managers and system administrators to easily build, configure, and maintain their set of mobile applications without the need to develop code.

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