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SwiftUIJoystick: джойстик на SwiftUI

Даже не знаю, зачем это может пригодиться не в играх, но вещь забавная. SwiftUIJoystick — джойстик для приложения на SwiftUI. Можно менять внешний вид поля и самой метки, координаты.

Пример использования:

// An example Joystick
// Copy this example and modify it

import SwiftUI
import SwiftUIJoystick

public struct Joystick: View {
    /// The monitor object to observe the user input on the Joystick in XY or Polar coordinates
    @ObservedObject public var joystickMonitor: JoystickMonitor
    /// The width or diameter in which the Joystick will report values
    ///  For example: 100 will provide 0-100, with (50,50) being the origin
    private let dragDiameter: CGFloat
    /// Can be `.rect` or `.circle`
    /// Rect will allow the user to access the four corners
    /// Circle will limit Joystick it's radius determined by `dragDiameter / 2`
    private let shape: JoystickShape
    public init(monitor: JoystickMonitor, width: CGFloat, shape: JoystickShape = .rect) {
        self.joystickMonitor = monitor
        self.dragDiameter = width
        self.shape = shape
    public var body: some View {
                monitor: self.joystickMonitor,
                width: self.dragDiameter,
                shape: .rect,
                background: {
                    // Example Background
                    RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 8).fill(
                foreground: {
                    // Example Thumb
                locksInPlace: false)

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