Tap For Tap [Self Promotion]

Self promotion is a great tool for developers who have more than one app and would like to promote their own apps using the Tap for Tap system. Tap for Tap provides this service 100% commission free.

If you have more than one app per platform on Tap for Tap, once you select how much traffic you’d like to go to the tap exchange, you can further select how much of that traffic you’d like to use to promote your other applications or paid versions of their applications. Some developers on Tap for Tap are using this tactic to great effect.

The Self Promotion slider can be found in your account settings. Once you’ve determined how much you want to monetize your app, you can select how much of your traffic you want to go towards the Tap Exchange of Self Promotion. Select 0% if you only want to promote other applications and earn tap credits, or select 100% if you only want to show your own applications and no credits will be spent or earned. Tap for Tap takes no margin on Self Promotion campaigns

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