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Управление API

Управление доступом к API и отслеживание использования интерфейсов.

Package, Manage, Distribute and Monetize your APIs with 3scale.
Инструмент для проверки API и написания документации. Документы пишутся на специальном предметно-ориентированном языке (DSL), а потом, при помощи…
Apigee [API Console]
Apigee API Consoles make it easier for developers to learn and use an API. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, Apigee API Consoles provide a…
IBM [API Management]
IBM API Management предоставляет компаниям инструменты для создания, передачи, сборки, публикации, защиты и масштабирования API. В это решение входит…
Infochimps was founded by  data scientists, cloud computing, and open source experts. Our solutions make it faster, easier and far less complex to…
Intel [API Management]
Our unique, holistic approach to API management encompasses working with clients to craft profitable platform strategies, ensuring fast, reliable API…
Layer7 [Mobile Access Gateway]
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Enterprises are facing a growing range of opportunities and challenges related to the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets. Increasingly, enterprises…
Mashape API marketplace
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We make it easy to distribute, monetize, manage and consume cloud APIs. Mashape is building a world-class marketplace for cloud APIs, driven by a…
SOA Software [API Gateway]
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Organizations are increasingly adopting APIs to deliver services through mobile, cloud and web channels. However, while it is becoming easier to…
Socrata [API Foundry]
It will forever change the speed, the economics and the ease with which developer-ready APIs are created, customized and deployed.
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With theRightAPI, you can do just that! Automate test calls in the cloud providing 24×7 monitoring of your business scenarios that rely on APIs. Avoid…

WebServius is a technology company with the mission of creating a connected world, where publishers and consumers of cloud-based software…

WSO2 [API Manager]
WSO2 API Manager is a complete solution for publishing APIs, creating and managing a developer community and for scalably routing API traffic. It…
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