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Real people. Real news. Civil conversations.

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Real people. Real news. Civil conversations.

Access journalism from premium publishers without subscriptions or ads. Discover, follow, and connect with diverse voices on topics you care about.

About Post

Post wants to reinvent how people get their news on social media. When using the app, you can toggle between three feeds: following, explore and news. The first two feeds are self-explanatory, but the third is where the crux of Post lies.

The news tab shows a feed of new articles from Post’s publishing partners, which include notable outlets like Reuters, the Los Angeles Times, Wired, Yahoo Finance, Fortune, Insider, NBC News and more. It’s free to see headlines and the beginning of the article, but to read the whole thing, users need to make a microtransaction with “points” to read the rest of the article within the Post app.

Depending on the outlet, different amounts of points are needed to access an item. The least expensive in-app purchase is 300 points, which costs $4.29. Articles begin at 1 points, and the most expensive one so far appears to be approximately 29 points. A 29-point article would therefore cost at most 40 cents, but many articles would only cost a few cents. Users can provide publishers or artists tips for their work as well.

The social media platform has more than 440,000 users since it first launched eight months ago, according to a press release.

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Post Alternatives

Other Twitter alternatives include Bluesky, an invite-only app that has been downloaded approximately 780,000 times, and Mastodon, which has been downloaded approximately 4.4 million times, according to app intelligence company (Twitter, meanwhile, had more than 250 million daily active users as of November, according to a tweet from Musk.)

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