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Mobile continues to outpace the growth and impact of other media, but to realize the full revenue opportunity, you need a platform that is designed expressly to support premium mobile advertising, one that makes mobile and tablet advertising easier for the buyers that control the flow of dollars.

Medialets’ advertising platform provides the best and most flexible opportunity for monetization of premium inventory across smartphone and tablets, mobile apps and mobile web, iOS, Android and beyond.

Our unique infrastructure makes it possible for you to support the full range of mobile display, including banners, rich media and video ads. We also provide a range of tools and services that speed time to market and drive revenue, faster.

We work hard to make every step of mobile advertising — from buying and planning, to creation and delivery and measurement — easier, faster and more reliable for top brands and agencies. For you, that translates to higher CPMs and better sell-through.

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апрель, 2023



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